Thursday, February 4, 2010

One year anniversary

Can you believe it? We started this blog last year in February. I am not sure if anyone even reads this blog, but I know that I get ideas from what Em writes and it inspires me to think of food to eat.
Thanks Em!!

On a week night this week, I used three different recipes to make a dinner! It was a great tasting dinner!

First, I modified this recipe to make a boullion. I was not able to find fennel or leeks in our grocery store for the past two weeks, so I used scallions instead. Also, no parsley, only cilantrol. I pureed carrots, celery, scallions, cilantro and salt over the weekend and froze it. Based on Heidi's recipe, I heated one cup of water with 1 T of this boullion to make stock!

I modified this pasta recipe into a vegan recipe. No butter, olive oil instead. No pancetta, morning star grillers. No chicken stock, home-made stock using the boullion I made instead :), no cheese, period. No parsley.

I had some collard greens left over from the black bean and collard greens soup and saw this recipe earlier. I also saw a similar one on a Vegetarian times magazine. I roasted the collard greens without the sesame seeds.

It was a great dinner :) Here's to one year of blogging and eating Vegan food and looking forward to more :)


  1. I would NEVER think to make bouillon so this is really interesting to me. Any idea how long it will keep? Reminds me of sofrito. Hey, did you see the tofu recipe I found? I need to find the actual Wholefoods version. It was fabulous. Sorry so many soups lately but it is easiest for me, I guess!

  2. I would not either, but when I saw the recipe, I though - I could do this. It's not difficult and it'll save buying cans or boxes of vegetable broth/stock. It tastes great too. Sort of like sofrito - you're right. And you can play with it to get the tastes you like (so, for me - no parsley, more cilantro!). So far it's been in my freezer for a week. I'm making a lot of soups too - it's that time of the year :)
    I have not had the wholefoods sesame tofu - I live in the middle of nowhere, remember! I found a 'soyaki' marinade at Trader Joe's that I like a lot and use that sometimes on top of my tofu. I don't want to deep fry it, though. Try it!