Monday, August 24, 2009

Date Walnut Balls

Another positive effect of our trip to California was discovering these 'date walnut balls'. My cousin's wife (cousin-in-law, I guess?) was 'inspired' to make these very easy, healthy treats after eating the trail mix cookies that I made. Both Em and I blogged about these cookies earlier - here and here. The trail mix cookies have become a staple in our home!!

These date-walnut balls are amazingly easy to make too. She just blended dates, walnuts and flax seeds together and rolled the mix into balls. I did the same, but added the flax seeds at the end, rather than attempting to blend it. Thanks Sangita :)

We made a 'P' with the balls for 'Purdue'. Cheesy (vegan, style!).


  1. what's the recipe for the dish you have in your profile picture???

  2. It is just a pizza with roasted veggies on top. Nothing too exciting...but yummy!