Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Basil and tomato pasta

A dish from the vegetable garden and CSA vegetables!! I made the 'creamy basil pasta'. It was quite easy to make. I used basil and tomatoes from our garden - there's more of the tomatoes in our garden! Looking forward to using them all. I also added vegan sausage and carrots (for protein and more vegetables - balance the meal!) and it was a yummy meal all around. The chilled glass of white wine (sorry Em) was a delight with the meal!! Definitely going to keep trying this with a variety of vegetables!

Also, tried Blueberry Oat bars. It did not end up as pretty or tasty as I had expected. I used 'Steel Cut Oats' because we ran out of the regular oats. It was a little too 'nutty' and I did not like the texture too much. But I want to try to make it again with the 'bettter' oats!!


  1. What kind of vegan sausages do you use/like?

  2. Anu, that was from me but I guess I was signed in as Mike somehow...

  3. And I thought that we had a new 'fan'!! I use Tofurkey's Sundried Tomato Italian Sausage. I get them at Trader Joe's - like it a LOT!!