Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

What a LONG time in between. There are some comments on the previous post, but they are all in a language that I cannot read. So if any of you wants Emily and/or me to understand, post it in English (or even Hindi, Tamil or Kannada).

We were away in Peru and Ecuador for a couple of weeks. We had some good Vegan and Vegetarian meals there. On our boat at Galapagos, the vegetarian/vegan options were great and provided to me specifically during each meal. When we came back, we wanted to eat home-made comfort food. So there was a lot of Indian food being cooked here; also stir fry's with tofu (variations on this, or this especially with Soyaki Marinade from Trader Joe's as the stir fry sauce!), mexican-type beans (like this) and quick week night pastas (variations on this).

Today, I baked some chocolate chip cookies for a picnic. I did this at the last minute, but they came out great. I used this recipe almost completely. I did not add cinnamon because I was making this for kids and did not know if they would enjoy that flavor in their cookies.
After baking half the dough, I realized that I really like the cookie dough better than the cookie. That's how we ate half of it - as dough. The rest was cookies. If you try this recipe, I would recommend reading all the comments and getting ideas from others before you make this your own.

And I plan to be back more regularly :)

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