Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bean dip redone and One-Pot bean dish

Happy New Year 2010. I did make a Black-Eyed Peas dish on January 1st for New Year's day - a Southern tradition! But, first, here's two dishes that I made before the holidays. Then, we went away to Yellowstone National Park before Christmas and there was no cooking for a while. Since I have been back, I am trying to cook healthy food again, and limiting the number of desserts. No, it's not a new year resolution - I have stopped making those. They don't seem to really go too far. I know that I can cook healthy meals and that's what I am going to try to do. V also realized that we ate out a LOT this last year - it was not worth it in terms of health or our pocket. So, I'm going to try to cook more food and even freeze some food so we're not reaching for take out when I'm too tired/bored to cook. Again, not a new year resolution, but just something to think about when I cook!!

My boss had a holiday party a few weeks ago and I was making the dip. With all the rich food that's everywhere during the holidays, I decided to make a bean dip - that's slightly healthier. It is based on the recipe that was posted on earlier. I think that website is getting a makeover and I can't find the recipe on the website anymore.

It is also similar to this dip for the halloween party. This time, I used 2 cups of white beans with 1 cup of roasted red peppers, 2 cloves of garlic, cilantro and Adobo seasoning - purreed all of this together. Last time, I found the taste of raw garlic overpowering. So, I baked this dip with a layer of salsa and soy cheese for a hot dip that was yummy!!

Years ago, I found a recipe on the back of a Morning Star burger box. It was a quick one-pot meal that appeared to have a lot of nutrition and a quick meal on a week night. The day before we left for our trip, I wanted to get to the gym, but also wanted to cook dinner, so we did not eat out right before our trip. I set this on the stove and went to the gym and V was able to turn it off in time. It was a yummy meal - I used to make this regularly before and have not in a while. It's a great winter meal!!


1 cup Arborio Rice (or any other short grain rice)
1 can (15oz) Black beans
1 cup prepared salsa
2 cups water
1 cup frozen peas (or corn)
Hot sauce (optional), to taste
Cilantro (to garnish)
2 -3 Vegan burgers cooked and cut
Olive oil, 1 T

Heat Oil in a saucepan, add all the ingredients except cilantro and burgers. Cover and cook till the arborio rice is cooked (about 20 minutes). Add cooked burger and cilantro. Enjoy!!

You can play with this basic recipe and add a variety of protiens (tofu, vegan sausage pieces, seitan, different beans), sauces (pesto, vegan cream cheese and silken tofu based cream sauce, marinara), garnishes (lemon juice, sliced almonds, vegan cheese) - use your innovation!!

I am not sure when Em will blog again, but I hope you are taking care of yourself and eating some good food!!

Happy new Year 2010 again!!

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