Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zucchini Muffins, Halloween Cupcakes and Yoga Soup (Again!)

I may be lacking creativity lately but my daughter is not. She decided to make Vanilla cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and she even planned to make her own vegan buttercream frosting. Sadly, the vegetable shortening had some sort of strange growth developing on it (I know...EW!!!) so we switch to store bought vanilla frosting and she added some colors to make it festive. Overall, I think she did a great job!

This morning I attended a book club and made the chocolate zucchini muffins from Happy Herbivore that Anu has mentioned a few times before. I thought it would be a nice tribute since she could not attend this meeting. I added some chocolate chips to the mix too. Seems to me that one type of the Ghirardelli chips does not contain any milk products so I have been buying them. Also halved the sugar and they were still sweet (13 year old ate without complaint....success to me!). I did not get a picture of these since I made them first thing in the morning and then had to rush to the brunch meeting. They did not have much of a banana flavor to me but I love bananas so I'm not sure I would mind.

Tonight for dinner we had Yoga Soup from which I must have blogged about before. My daughter loves it and my husband tolerates it so I continue to make it. I added shredded carrots and cabbage (still have some from my cabbage fest last week!) and used a handful of stir fry rice noodles that were milling around in the cupboard. I like the steaming photo although when I see this pot here I realize I should have thrown it out years ago!


  1. Yum... that yoga soup looks so good and the steam rising up makes it more tempting. You are sweet to have made the chocolate zucchini cupcakes in my honor. Glad you liked them too.

  2. And LOVE the cupcakes!! Your daughter is definitely creative :)

  3. Came through Nupurs blog... these cupcakes look so yummy...i also liked ur yoga soup very nutritious ... if u get time do visit my blog


  4. Satya, You have so many recipes. Going to look through....yum!