Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last 2 months

It's been over 2 months since my last blog post - mostly because of inertia and also because I was not sure anyone has been reading. More importantly, Em was away being a mommy to a little one and this was something that the two of us were doing (sort of for each other, mostly) - so, it did not seem imperative to write.
But, Em's back and so am I :)
The last couple of months have not really been inspiring - but, here are a few things that I made in this time...
- Vegetarian Times' fresh tomato pasta with meatballs for a complete dish (including protien)
- Other pasta recipes from the same magazine (I mixed the ones with lemon pepper and roasted peppers and made it vegan). Maybe one day I'll get to make it again and post the recipe.
- Chocolate zucchini muffins - made many times over. I added chocolate chips too!!

And my usual suspects; twists on our regular foods -
-Stir fry or Stir fry
-Quick Pastas
-Thai Curry
and Indian food. Of course, no two attempts of any of these taste the same!!

I also made a batch of the pumpkin cookies (from last year, this time) and enjoyed it!! Looking back at the recipes from last year - I want to make them all again!! But for tonight, it's good ol' eggplant with Dal (Indian food) and maybe the tortilla soup to eat later in the week!

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