Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cooking experiments tonight.

Earlier in the day, I made 'Seitan'. It was a mini-adventure.

I followed the directions completely. I had to get some groceries to start the process. Central Indiana shopping - I went to our regular grocery store and got the lemon, more vegetable broth. No Vital Wheat Gluten flour, No Yeast. So I drove all the way to the other side of the twin towns (about 6 miles, so really can't complain) to Target and only found the flour. So back to this side of town to our Organic grocery store and found the yeast there. An hour later - I started on the Seitan. And 2 hours later, I had it made!
When I was at Urbana-Champaign, a favorite meal was the Pad-Thai at the YMCA. She added Seitan to her Tofu Pad Thai. I fell in love with the texture and the taste then. I have not been able to find anything quite like that anywhere. I hope that what I made today will be close.
I have put it away and plan to make an Indian dish with it tomorrow for dinner. As the week starts, dinners will be quick meals!

For dinner, I made a paella. Here is the recipe - Paella

It turned out really really good. I did not have marinated Tofu. So, this morning I marinated the tofu myself - with some Frank's Red Hot sauce, some brown sugar and sauce from a can of Chipotle Chillis in Adobo sauce! V needed a little extra spice in his dish and added some hot sauce to his portion. I like crunch in my food and instead of chips, I added some slivered almonds. I also added some cilantro because I like the taste of cilantro too. V thinks he is getting spoiled by my being Vegan!!

Dessert was a piece of Trader Joe's dark chocolate. Yumm!!


  1. Wow!!!! Yum. I wish you were closer and I could try this. I made corn chowder and some veggie dogs in blankets. Hardly worth a picture.

  2. I know.... it really came out well. And other than the whole dish needing to cook for 40 minutes, it was really easy to put together!!

  3. hey, this is great. I will follow the recipe for seitan and try it out. can I offer a suggestion though? Though you have posted the original links to the recipes for seitan and for the paella, it will be very helpful to the reader if you post the directions here too. You can always say it is adapted from the source, but i think it would be easier than cutting and pasting the link or opening it in a new window.

  4. I guess I was just being lazy, Malini. I will try to type the recipe again - if it is easier for others!