Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pasta and South Indian food

Although there have been no blogs in the last couple of days, cooking has not stopped. I made a very South Indian meal last night. One of my brother's favorites - parrupu (lentils) with varthakozhambu (really can't translate that one! - a yummily sour stew-ish dish) with Keerai masiyal (mashed spinach). I don't think I can do justice to writing the details of such a dish. One of my friends (at another blog) is going to write a piece on varthakozhambu and I will link to it this weekend. And also find a recipe for the spinach dish and link that too!! But, it was yummy.

Today, I threw together the left-over Seitan with sphagetti, peppers, mushrooms and Trader Joe's vegan meatballs in a Trader Joe's marinara sauce (bow to Trader Joe's!). I doctor the sauce based on my taste - I added chilli powder, garlic and herbs today. Another trip to Trader Joe's coming up this weekend!!

I sauteed the Seitan some more today (without meaning to - I left it on the stove too long) and the pieces browned and were crispy at the edges. I liked this version of Seitan a lot more!

Hopefully, I'll try something new this weekend... Happy Friday!


  1. wow, you are keeping very busy. I wish I could have leftovers with you!

  2. I tend to cook almost every night. We only eat out once/twice per week. And we eat left overs for the next day's lunch - so if I don't cook dinner, it means the next morning - I am searching for lunch too! It would be great if we could share left overs - any chance of you moving West?

  3. Where do you get Seitan? We don't have Trader Joe's here in Dallas so hope it's not only available there.
    Also, your vatral kuzhambu recipe is ready for your reading and linking pleasure:) Need to update with better pictures soon so will keep you posted.