Sunday, February 22, 2009

How I got here/How this journey began

Ok, this is a bit embarrassing but one night I received a message on my answering machine. The voice was that of Alicia Silverstone (obviously not calling me personally) telling me to contact my congressman about the Farm Bill which was working to improve school lunches. Sounded good to me since my daughter's school lunches were often high fat, salty and deep fried. Alicia (hee hee hee) recommended that I go to the (Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine) website to learn more about this bill and, since my husband was away and I was bored/lonely I looked at each and every link and page on the website . Somehow, I ended up watching the "Meet Your Meat" video on That was all I needed. I was done eating meat that evening. I emailed my husband to tell him my decision. He thought I would never make it but here I am now over one year later. I do not regret this decision at all. Maybe I should contact Alicia and tell her? Anyhow, he has since made the switch and actually made a New Year's resolution to try to go vegan. I am not quite there but I am learning to cook and help his plight and hopefully I will get there soon too!


  1. I highly recommend watching "Earthlings" if you want some major inspiration. It was, hands down, the best documentary on the way we use animals I have ever seen. Best wishes to you and Anu on your new vegan journey!

  2. Thanks Heidi for the vote of confidence! Donna suggested that I talk to you. I will look into "Earthlings." The more I know, the more horrified I am!