Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our adventures

Emily and I have just started our conversion to vegan-ism. This was an easy way for us to talk about what we cooked and what we thought, so we can share our ideas with each other!
I am allowing myself 'one cheat meal per week' starting in March. When I am not vegan, I am vegetarian! Let the adventures begin :)


  1. Anu, This is a process. I think that limiting your "Cheats" to one day a week will help you really think about how much/if you really want them at all. I bet in a few weeks it will be unnecessary.

  2. I am not so sure - I miss cheese. So if I completely rule it out, I will probably crave it even more! If I allow myself to have it occasionally, I won't feel like it the rest of the time. Also, going out for brunch is hard... and Velu usually likes to go out to get some eggs after his Sunday morning run! So having the option of doing that occasionally may be worth it!