Saturday, February 28, 2009

West African Soup and Trail Mix Breakfast Cookies (Not in the same meal, of course!)

Well, there is a slumber party occurring at my house tonight so I am only needed when the kids get hungry or break something so I have had ample time to get some cooking done. I made "Easy West African Peanut Soup" from

It is a simple vegetable soup with a peanut butter infused, spicy broth. Maybe this does not sound good to you, but I think you should try it before you make up your mind. There is a similar recipe called just "African Stew" in the Becoming Vegetarian book by Melina and Davis. Their stew has yams, onions, chick peas, rice, greens (collards or kale), and fresh lemon juice. I absolutely LUV that version so this one seemed a little lacking in the veggies department but was good regardless. I did add some collards just because I had them in the fridge. I added Asian hot chili sauce and some lemon juice and it was darned good. If I had to choose a favorite, though, I would have to pick the one from the "Becoming Vegetarian" book. Just has a more substance and flavor to me. Anyhow, the kids ate raviolis-my daughter needs pasta at every meal.

After they ate, they decided to watch a movie so I was free once again. I thought I would start preparing for my long work week as a single parent while my husband is away. I decided to search for breakfast options that can be eaten in the car (AKA my office) and I found "Trail Mix Cookies" on - Love that website if you had not noticed yet! Check it out. It was basically nuts, seeds, dried fruits of your choice mixed with a mashed banana, some molasses, agave syrup, oats and whole wheat flour. I have a hodge podge of ingredients in my cabinets so I added: pistacios, walnuts, chopped prunes, chopped dried bing cherries, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. I made some into cookies and then some into bars in a loaf pan. I tasted one and they were sort of like a very fruity Clif bar. I will let them cool and eat them during the week instead of stopping for bagels or something else.

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  1. I tried an African Peanut-based soup - two different times and was not thrilled by the results. I should try it again.
    The 'trail mix' bars look great. Maybe I will bake some tomorrow or later in the week. I did my Trader Joe's trip today!! Yay!