Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seitan Nuggets

OK, not healthy at all but I am basically feeding two kids over here so they are drawn to these types of foods. You made me think of comfort foods with your last post! I made the nuggets in the picture a while back from the Fried Chicken recipe on using homemade seitan. This time I made them with another similar recipe that was in the October 2008 edition of VegNews Magazine called "Down-Home Country Fried Seitan." I bought a package of White Wave seitan at Wholefoods. This version was coated in mix of spicy dijon mustard and then dipped in Panko, nutritional yeast, flour and then pan fried. It was very crispy but hard to keep from burning (I am not the best fryer in the family-I usually give that job to my husband but at least I tried!). I also breaded and fried a little bit of tofu that was milling around in my fridge. Sadly, I did not get a photo of the most recent batch. We may make these again but I think M likes the Fried Chicken version better.

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