Monday, April 27, 2009

Spicy Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder; Another Pancake

I am not sure why I am still stuck on hot foods in this heat but they seem to last longer around here so I will keep making them. I adapted Scrumptious Corn Chowder to make my own sweet and spicy version. I used a really big sweet potato instead of a red potato since I have been enjoying them lately. I did not have any red peppers so I used one chopped roasted red pepper (jarred) and some of my favorite chipotles in adobo (probably about 2 TB). This is really more of a potato soup than a corn chowder in my opinion but I think you could make it thicker my adding mashed potato flakes or boiling another white potato and adding it to the blender with the corn mixture. We like it so I usually just make the consistency as suggested. I used soy milk and Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy. I often add more chipotle tabasco at the end. I guess I really like that smoky flavor!!!

Donna let me borrow Vegan with a Vengeance so I tried the Pancakes recipe which I feel like I have made before. They tasted good but were very thin. I used whole wheat flour which may have made then too dense. Oops.

Side note: I totally plan to make that Carrot Cake from 101 cookbooks that was in the email today/yesterday. I am thinking I will use some egg replacer and soy yogurt. I have a bunch of dates in the fridge (oddly-had a craving!) and at least two rotting bananas so it was perfect timing!


  1. Oooh... I'd LOVE to hear about your attempt at the carrot cake from 101 cookbooks. I really wanted to try it too, but I did not want to figure out all the substitutions. Instead, I'll wait for you to do so :)

  2. Ok, I will not have time until maybe Thursday. Mine may need to be gluten free though so it may not be comparable.