Saturday, May 16, 2009

Non-cooking Related

This post is not related to cooking!! V had his first exhibition for his photos yesterday as part of the 'gallery walk' in town. And I just wanted to say 'Yay' for him and how proud of him I am!
V's aunt is visiting. She helped me plant a vegetable garden and I wanted to share some photos of that too.

The row closest to the fence is 'Okra' and the rest are tomatoes! Heirloom and some Beefmaster! Soon, we are going to have to put up some sort of 'cages' around the tomatoes. Although this area is fenced off and tied with a band to prevent the dogs from getting in, when we woke up on Thursday morning, both the dogs were in the vegetable garden area, with the gate still closed. We are still not sure how they got in - jumped up the fence is our best guess! I have read that the green parts of a tomato are not safe for dogs, so putting up a cage around it will hopefully prevent the dogs from eating the plant too!

Next to this block, is this L-shaped area. The far end has herbs - oregano, thyme, basil, and lemon grass. In the middle of the 'L', is spinach. We were able to find organic spinach in our local Menard's (similar to Lowe's or Home Depot)!! And surrounding the spinach are cayenne peppers.... hmmm... spicy! Closest to us are red and yellow peppers along with some cilantro seeds. I will update this blog with photos as the plants grow. I am not too hopeful... $80 later, we don't have green thumbs. So, we'll see what happens. We also have raspberry and blackberry bushes in another area!!
Yay for the nice weather!!


  1. Wow, impressive! I hope everything grows. I have no green thumb either. You must have a big yard now.

  2. Thanks Em. We have a HUGE yard.... too much work to mow and keep in order. We'll see how much work this vegetable garden turns out to be and how it all turns out.