Sunday, March 22, 2009

Donut Success

We made some mini donuts as planned and my daughter decorated them for a "Twilight" DVD release party with her girlfriends. M and I saved the regular sized donuts for us although we did not decorate them quite so cheerily. The glaze that is recommended at The Mini Donut Test Kitchen worked well and, surprisingly, was much better this morning after drying out for the night. It absorbed nicely into the donuts and made a yummy little shell (for lack of a better word). MMMMMmmmmm. I will try not to eat another one today.

Working with the batter was complicated. It is a thick, sticky batter (similar to instant oatmeal that has been sitting in a bowl for a bit). My pans are very shallow so you can only put a tiny bit in or they overflow while cooking. The larger donuts pan was much easier to use. I just cooked them 2-3 minutes longer than the mini donuts. I think I will make these again-definitely for Anu's visit!

They tasted great and I bet you could make these into mini muffins easily or donut holes (not sure how) so you do not need the special pan. As you can see, they were not beautifully shaped. Fun and delicious must count for something, right?


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  2. Em,
    They look GREAT. i am afraid that if I buy the pan, I will make too many of these - but, they will be great to take to students for meetings and stuff..... oooh.. I am SO torn!

  3. Like I said, just try in a mini muffin tin. They will taste exactly the same. I bet you can get your hands on one of those easily if you don't have one already. Did you see Comment #1? M thinks it is too generic to be anyone actually interested. Guess we are not famous!