Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fake sugar - yuck!

Ok, this is not necessarily a vegan issue but it is on my mind. I have been trying to help my family eat better-more whole foods, fewer packaged foods, no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, etc. and I recently have noticed aspartame and sucralose infiltrating many of the foods I buy! Now, I am a Diet Pepsi addict so I obviously ingest the stuff but I really don't want to find it in my cereal. As I poured a bowl of Fiber One the other day I noticed that there was aspartame in the list on ingredients. Similarly, I found several "Whole Grain" breads that contained sucralose while food shopping the other day. I was just trying to avoid honey and HFCS but now I have to look for artificial sweeteners too! When did it become acceptable to add these to products? Many of the kids yogurts have Splenda now to reduce the sugar content. I wish people could open their eyes and realize that milk and fruit have natural sugars in them! The final straw for me was soy milk. I generally buy Silk Light Vanilla Soy Milk but they were all out at Hannaford so I bought 8th continent assuming it was comparable. Well, I poured a bit in my coffee and it was so sickenly sweet that I nearly gagged. There was an overwhelming medicine-y aftertaste. Flipped it over and guess what it contained- sucralose and artificial flavors. Since when does "vanilla" need to be improved upon? Look at all the different sweeteners... Uggh!

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