Friday, March 6, 2009

Vegetarian Times,VegNews and Vegenaise. Try to say that three times quickly!

Yesterday I purchased a copy of Vegetarian Times (March 2009 edition) . I no longer have a subscription because I felt that the recipes were primarily high calorie, high fat and too exotic (for the most part) for my family. I enjoy exotic but I do not enjoy eating a portion everyday for a month by myself nor do I enjoy throwing out food that I have spent time and money on. This edition looked a little different to me. The foods listed were pizza, enchiladas, mac-n-cheese. On the cover was an Asian StirFry with Whole wheat Linguine. I thought "We can handle this" and bought it. Vegetarian Times is not a vegan magazine but they are now providing an index in the back listing all of the recipes in the edition according to the following categories : Vegan , dairy Free, Gluten free, low calorie, low saturated fat, 30 minutes or less. I found this extremely helpful and I think I may have made a mistake letting my subscription run out! I did recently order VegNews which is a vegan magazine but have not received a copy yet. We'll see if I like it!

Anyhow, in Vegetarian Times there is a segment on South Indian Cuisine that I thought Anu might like although I am sure her cooking is far better than theirs! On the back cover is a ad introducing new "Reduced Fat Vegenaise" which I am very excited about. If you have not had Vegenaise, it is a vegan mayo and it actually tastes good. Now, I do not use much mayo but some things really do need it-potato salad, macaroni salad, big fat veggie burgers, salad dressings, etc so having a lower fat option is great. What really caught my eye was a recipe for Grilled Vegetable Corn Cakes with Garlic and Lemon Infused Reduced fat Vegenaise.

I was interested because, first of all, it looked yummy (there is no picture I could upload, sadly) and also because it is gluten free and Anu and I have gluten free friend who just might like this! As I looked through the website, I noticed the other vegan products from this company. I have tried the cream cheese and I preferred the Tofutti kind to be honest. I have also used the cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses. There is definitely a learning curve when cooking with vegan cheese but, overall, I like them. I learned that I can shred and then freeze them which was great since I HATE throwing out expensive products that are hard to find. There is also a ChickenFree Chicken product that I have never seen anywhere around here. But, I am willing to try anything, so I will keep my eyes open.

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  1. I am slowly going through the Vegetarian Times magazine and looked at the South Indian food section. The recipes look authentic and not too difficult. Every family has a few changes they make to the ones listed, but if you want to try them, Em - there's a good place to start!
    I have not bought into the vegan dairy things completely yet. I did use the Tofutti cream cheese, but am avoiding the vegenaise and vegan cheese. I hope to use the real cheese on my 'cheat meal' and not crave it the rest of the time!!
    I am looking for burger recipes for next week!! Enjoy your weekend with M (and without D!)!!